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Make hot flashes, weight gain, and bloating a thing of the past!


Who says menopause has to be hard?!

Click below to book your FREE 20-minute phone chat

and learn how you can get through this normal,

change of life event with ease!


In early 2019, I scheduled a meeting with Jody. After years of pain from arthritis and inflammation, a few easy tweaks to my diet gave me significant improvement. Jody encouraged me to start slowly which made it easier to make changes. I was able to go off medication and my doctor is excited about my progress. It is great feeling energetic and knowing there is so much more I can do to manage my health. Jody’s gentle and fun approach makes eating better much easier. - E.R.



Here’s something you may know...

Menopause is not something that you’re looking forward to.

Maybe you’re nearing it. Or maybe you’re already in it and can’t wait for it to be over. You’re not looking forward to the changes your body is facing. Or maybe you’re not liking what’s already happening.


You’re likely dealing with:

Fatigue | Anxiety | Weight Gain | Bloating | Brain Fog | Hot Flashes

The list goes on!

Here’s something that you may not know...

it doesn’t have to be hard! 

You can transition without dealing with much of this!  Using:

Specific Foods | Supplements/Herbs | Individualized Approach

   (because women aren’t all the same)

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You’ll be rocking menopause like a new pair of jeans...with confidence! Your friends will want to know your secret!


Working with Jody to fine-tune my health was a delightful experience!  I was most impressed with how she was able to assimilate all the information I gave her and make nutritional recommendations that I was able to quickly integrate into my life. As a result of these changes including a simple liver detoxification protocol, I have increased energy and more mental clarity.  As a 53 year old on the edge of menopause, I loved working with someone who understands all the different hormonal changes I am experiencing and her suggestions for making this transition as smooth as possible. - L.W.



Meet Jody

Hey. Hi. Hello!

I’m Jody and I help women feel better as they make the “transition.” Menopause is often feared. And as you grow closer to menopause, the dread grows as well. It really doesn’t have to be that way.


Using an individual approach including food, vitamins and therapeutic herbs, I help women learn how to rock menopause!




Ready to dive right in? A 90-minute consultation that can be done online or in person. We’ll review your health history and how you’re currently eating. And, together, we’ll develop and plan to help you feel better. This is the first stop for all new clients.




This is a quick 20-minute phone chat to see how we can work together. We’ll determine what your health concerns and needs are and how we can get you feeling better soon.

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